November 2022

A Guide to Calculating ROI in Real Estate Investing

Introduction: What is ROI and How Does it Apply To Real Estate Investing The return on investment is the percentage of profit that an investment yields in comparison to the amount of money invested. This is a good way to measure the success of any investment. It helps us determine whether or not we should invest our money in a certain business venture or not. Guiding Principles For A Successful ROI...

5 Steps to a Smooth Home Sale – How to Prep Your Home, Prepare the Paperwork and Get the Best Value

1. Clean & Declutter Your Entire Home When selling your home, showing some beautiful interior photos can be a great way to attract buyers. Hence, it is imperative to hire a good photographer who can capture some great shots of your house that deserve to be showcased. However, before you start looking for a good photographer, you should declutter and clean your entire home. The first step to...

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